We are an experience design consultancy focused on software and service ecosystems that empower learners, educators, and employees.

We’re interdisciplinary.

Metaxu means "between." Our interdisciplinary background places us in a unique position to illuminate possibilities and build bridges of understanding within your team.

We’re experts in user research, Design Thinking, UX strategy, and service design.

We draw from the learning sciences, interaction design, cognitive psychology, linguistics, ethnography, and more. We share what we know, and we’re always learning more.

We CAN talk shop with both educators and engineers.

We have on-the-ground experience in education and software development. We know what it’s like to plan a syllabus and serve on a curriculum committee—as well as what it’s like to servant-lead a Scrum team.

When working on software, we get to know your code stack and back end so that we can collaborate and align on viable solutions.

We’re Mission-Driven and Inclusive.

We choose to use our talents to create meaningful experiences for others. We intend to represent voices that are often ignored or unheard. We support changemakers and hold our clients to their own missions.

When we call you a “partner,” we mean it.

We don’t consider ourselves “vendors” or “resources”—we’re advocates and partners in your process.

In our relationship with you, we strive for authenticity, open communication, and trust. We commit to honoring and strengthening the talents of your team. 

You can expect us to back our designs and recommendations with sound evidence. In return, we’ll count on you to be present and available. We value your participation and consider it critical to the creative process.

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Marcy Van Horn, M.A.

Principal Experience Strategist  |  LinkedIn

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Metaxu was founded by Marcy Van Horn, a seasoned UX strategist with 15+ years of experience in design and education. She started her career teaching linguistics to design and engineering students. Since that time, Marcy has worked as a designer and strategist on a variety of complex projects—from multi-phase software transformation endeavors to non-profit program and service design. She's led both research and design teams, and she's facilitated design thinking workshops for a variety of stakeholders.

She founded Metaxu to build bridges of understanding: She helps product teams infuse their design thinking with research from the learning sciences, and she helps traditional educational teams stretch into new territory by incorporating human-centered approaches into their work.

Marcy herself is a lifelong learner. In addition to having a graduate degree in applied linguistics, she’s earned certificates in interaction design, web accessibility, Scrum product ownership, and—most recently—LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitation. 


Cherese Cooper, M.S.

Senior Design Researcher

Cherese has extensive experience in research planning, study implementation, evaluation methods, and design. She joins Marcy on large-scale projects that require in-depth interviews and a contextual research approach. 


Heather Coffin, M.A.

Senior Design Strategist

Heather's an expert at strategic design. She joins Marcy on large innovation projects that require big-picture thinking and inventive approaches.

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