We blend design thinking with expertise in the learning sciences.

We use human-centered design and design thinking, a problem-solving framework that involves empathy, primary behavioral research, prototyping, and iteration. To this we add the interpretive lens of the interdisciplinary learning sciences: applied linguistics, cultural studies, cognitive and motivational psychology, behavioral economics, and more.

Our goal is to empower you to make the best decisions for your audience, context, and business.

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Project Framework

Each client engagement is customized to suit the needs of each team and nuances of your context. Though activities vary, we design projects to flow through four meaningful stages:

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1. Intend

Our first step is empathizing with you. We interview team members and other stakeholders to understand your project goals, challenges, and context. We set intentions for the engagement, ensuring we craft activities to meet your team’s collective needs.

Mantra: Frame the challenge and set intentions. 

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Through ethnography, contextual inquiry, usability testing or other methods, we study behavior to understand not just what customers want, but what is meaningful to them. We infuse findings with appropriate secondary research.

Mantra: Discover their reality; uncover the connections.

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3. translate

We translate research findings into deliverables that suit your context—whether traditional or lean. We reframe the original issue through the lens of the human experience and, where appropriate, through applied learning theory. We build in collaborative steps, such as opportunity or ideation workshops, to ensure your team absorbs insights and is equipped to act. 

Mantra: Reframe the issue; absorb and integrate.

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Pivoting from research to design, we transform opportunities into concepts, prototypes, and strategic direction. Balancing the current constraints with blue-sky thinking, we envision, map, and create with your team. We test out prototypes to create meaningful solutions for those you serve.

Mantra: Envision the possibilities; map the way there. 

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