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Metaxu UX is a consultancy specializing in human-centered design for teaching and learning solutions.

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Experience Design for EdTech and More

When you're seeking to understand the needs of educators, students, and staff so that you can create the best possible experiences for them, we're here to help.

We support teams through the discovery, ideation, and prototyping phases of design—both user experience (UX), and service design (SD).

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Metaxu’s Approach to Human-Centered Design and “Design Thinking”

Our deep belief is that cognitive empathy...is at the foundation of great design and innovation.

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3 Smart Books on Learning for Design and Dev Teams

Build your background knowledge to create better learning experiences for all ages.

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Top 5 Asks from K-12 Teachers for a Great eTextbook User Experience

What teachers mean when they say “make it user friendly”—and what your team can do to help.