Consulting Services

We help EdTech teams solve problems and stretch into new territory—using human-centered “design thinking.”

With a people-centered design framework, we partner with companies and higher ed institutions to design learning ecosystems, educational technology and training software, and other solutions.

In industry terms, we provide consulting through design research, co-design, user experience design, and service design, specifically for learning contexts. We can also teach you how to do these things yourselves.

Marcy was an invaluable partner and an absolute delight to work with. Her expertise and insights were integral in guiding our team to a finite vision that accomplished the business needs while putting the user first.
— A.G., Product Director at a Global Learning Company
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Discovery Research & Innovation
“Are we making the right thing?”

In other words, does your product or service concept serve a real need? What is the current state and where are the opportunities? What's on the horizon? How might your team stretch into new territory?

Starting with discovery research activities that range from listening tours and contextual inquiry to comparative product analysis, we help you understand the people you're designing for and identify where the opportunities for innovation exist. Through collaborative workshops, we then help your team pivot toward new design solutions.


  • Contextual user research and opportunity mapping
  • Participatory design and co-creation workshops
  • Comparative product research
  • Experience and journey mapping
  • Concept modeling
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Experience Design & Usability
“Are we making it right?”

Maybe you've already built something, and now you want to know if it makes sense to the people who are using it. Or perhaps your users are saying the experience is clunky or confusing, and you need help prototyping a new design model. Maybe you're building several products and want to streamline and orchestrate the "end-to-end" experience.

Through a combination of user research, interaction modeling or prototyping, and workshopping with your team, we visualize solutions that help you move forward.


  • Cognitive walkthroughs (expert evaluation for usability)
  • Software interaction modeling (wireframes and prototypes)
  • Service blueprinting and end-to-end experience mapping
  • Usability testing
  • Card sorting and tree testing (for better navigation)


Contact us to explore how we can help your team. We can conduct the research and design activities, or we can coach your team on how to conduct them yourselves. Marcy Van Horn, Founder and Principal, also works on retainer to support teams and act as advisor on an as-needed basis.


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