Turn learning, teaching, and training challenges into opportunities through human-centered “design thinking.”

Using a people-centered design framework, Metaxu partners with EdTech companies, non-profits, and higher ed institutions to shape learning paths, educational software, course strategies, and program models.

Though we specialize in EdTech, our recommendations are often medium-agnostic. The purpose of a human-centered approach is finding strategies that work best for the people you serve as well as your business.

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Challenges We Help Solve

We help when your team is asking strategic questions like these:

  • “How do we best shape this end-to-end learning experience? What touch-points do people need, and in what form for each context?”

  • “How might we best support the learning experience by solving for broader human needs (e.g., financial aid, wellbeing, nutrition)?”

  • “How do we best support educators in their journey and use of our product(s)? What do they ‘jobs’ do they need our offerings to do for them?”

  • “How do we craft an offering for learners in a way that supports our goals and theirs?

  • “How should we design our training program? What does our audience need, and what would create the greatest impact?”

  • “How might we integrate learning opportunities into existing employee workflows?”

  • “How might we design software to elevate learning or teaching experiences? What is the north-star model?”

  • “Does our product (whether content or software) make sense? How can we continue to shape it for clarity, ease, and impact?”



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Uncover “the why” and illuminate new possibilities.

Whether you need to enhance your offering or design a new one, we help you understand your customers’ behaviors and mental models, identify opportunities, and visualize solutions.

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Create the north-star vision. Set the compass.

Large-scale “test and learn” only works well when agile teams start with a clear vision. Through research and prototyping, we create the north-star interaction models they need to sprint forward.

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Connect the dots.

Each product, each touch point, is only one part of your customer’s world. We help you visualize the big picture, map the “end-to-end,” and streamline for the teaching and learning experience.

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Provide you tools to DIY.

Sometimes teams just need a spark to get started. We can coach you on UX best practices and design workshop methods so that you can carry forward on your own.



Discovery Research and Innovation

  • Contextual research and opportunity mapping

  • Experience and journey mapping

  • Research-based personas and empathy mapping

  • Participatory design and co-creation workshops

  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops

  • Concept modeling, ideation, and prototyping

Experience Design and Usability

  • Cognitive walkthroughs for usability

  • Software interaction models and wireframes

  • Service blueprinting ("end-to-end" experience)

  • Card sorting and tree testing (for navigation)

  • Lean usability testing and design iteration

  • Learning content usability and content strategy

Marcy was an invaluable partner and a delight to work with. Her expertise and insights were integral in guiding our team to a vision that accomplished the business needs while putting the user first.
— A.G., Product Director at a Global Learning Company

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